Aubrey oday dating 2016

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Aside from the upcoming reality show, Pauly has also been hard at work producing new music.He just released a single with Tdot illdude called "Did You Know? For more from Del Vecchio, watch the full interview above -- as he gives us an update on his "Jersey Shore" costars and reveals how often he sees them now that the show's over. Reps for Pauly and O’Day did not immediately respond to requests for comment.Earlier this month, the former Danity Kane lead singer, 31, posted a photo to Instagram of herself snuggling with her new beau, 35, but the pic has since been deleted.We're sure somewhere, Ronnie and Sammi are getting back together for the 47th time.

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In fact they've been getting along so well and moving so quickly that we've been hearing rumors about Aubrey and Pauly getting engaged. News the couple opened up about the state of their relationship, revealing that the weirdness of meeting on a reality show resulted in some growing pains in the early stages, but adding that these days, they couldn't be closer. If you have a problem with your partner, don't assume." Inevitably the question of whether or not there wedding bells in the future for Paubrey came one has ever met my daughter yet, she was the first one to meet her.That's what I was looking for, so I'm really glad I went on the show to meet her." While the reality series was supposed to simply provide its stars with advice on how to navigate the dating world, Pauly and Aubrey struck up something neither of them expected.1 when the pre-order went up for sale a few weeks ago. Support real talent, indie artists & my favorite girl on earth. In today's music marketplace, that's nothing short of a small miracle.

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