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It does let you know if you're operating within a safe range. Simply, you guys have the very best and most useful gadgets available.Can't thank you enough for providing us this vital gadgets.I have used this type of monitoring meter for 4 years and find it very useful in watching the load of all my computers (3). And I have come back just now to ask for an updated core speed and temp and found the PC Meter addon already exists. I have used this gadget for several years so thank you for your continued contributions! I was really unhappy when Microsoft took down and gadget gallery and I couldn't find the newer version of this gadget. I always keep close watch on my CPU and RAM, and I get frustrated if I have to use a computer that doesn't have this app running. I love the gadget and its always worked great, but I'm having a problem showing the processor name since v4.5.I had to do an upgrade and hard drive replacement recently and I was really concerned when this meter was not shown on the gadget list on my Win 7 setup data. For those speaking a lot about Windows Gadgets being obsoleted, here is an article you might like entitled 'What Happened To Windows Desktop Gadgets And Why Did Microsoft Abandon Them? I use a number of these gadgets on a number of machines. Thank you so much for creating such an awesome app! I've tried on different systems that I'm sure worked before, but for some reason turning it on or off simply shows up blank on the gadget.Version: 4.7.3 - Fixed freeze issues when there is no page file. Version: 3.1 - Fixed bug and added color changeable for (each core, graph, ram, clock and font). Version: 2.4 - Added support for Six Core and fixed bug. Version: 1.2 - Fixed bug and added auto update notification.

I was looking for a gadget for my windows sidebar that was a little more intuitive than the standard CPU / RAM meter. This is simple, and works for multiple processors, and there is a graphical trend illustration. Along with Task Manager, it helps me to decide when to run a file cleaner and which services/processes should be reined in.

I'm not upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7 64-bit, until their Service Pack 25 (wry humor) is released. You guys are doing a fab job on these user friendly gadgets.

I was just wondering if u can include all the important stuff and compile them in one stop shop gadget....u know cpu meters, ram, network, cpu temperature etc.....would be just awesome..... I am also echoing all the positive comments and praise for this gadget (and its other family members, especially Network Meter). For people less familiar with computers this program is excellent for providing an indication as to when it is save to dive in so to speak, and a general over-all idea of computer health.

I had it running on my other computer and found the correct location to recover my meter. Very excited to find this gadget, and right after noticing MS stopped supporting. ': was very disappointed when MS decided to drop Gadget support for Windows 8. I started using it with a couple other apps when working on some other pc's and laptops. I have always loved these gadgets, its nice to be able to see your components working in real time, this helps you have a peek and kinda puts you in the drivers seat vs. it's not anything crucial, but it would be nice to have that back again.

Imagine my delight when updating gadgets on my last Windows 7 machines I discovered that Helmut had provided Windows 8 support. Excellent tools and I'm very glad to have them back. It really helps monitor the changes I make, especially opening up the other than first cores to run at full speed. For many years now, I have used the amount of memory, and CPU usage to "feel" how my system is doing, and whether or not my system has been infected. Other than that, your gadgets are great and I make sure to install them on all my systems whether at home or at work.

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