Christian dating book for teenagers

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Surprisingly, our youngest daughter also enjoyed these.:) Hangman's Curse, Volume #1, The Veritas Project By Thomas Nelson The Veritas Project is their code name--but only a handful of people know teens Elijah and Elisha Springfield have been covertly commissioned by the President to investigate strange mysteries that delve into the paranormal and supernatural.A creative and "out-of-the-box" method to inspire teens and young adults to engage in Bible study is to use Christian books for teens.

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First around in 1979, Love Come Softly has become a beloved classic with over one million copies sold.

A generation of readers has laughed and wept and rejoiced with Marty and Clark Davis whose tragic circumstances threw them together on the frontier prairies of the 1800s. Our oldest son has never loved reading like his mother; yet when introduced to Christian books for teens that addressed his interests, he enjoyed them.

Therefore, we have experienced the blessing of a wide range of topics in the Christian books for teens that we've read.

Our oldest daughter is an avid sports fan and athlete.

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