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When you’re giving your blows and thrusts, these actions need to be forceful.

Some abdominal bruising is far better than dying from choking on your dinner.

If they’re still choking after that, it’s onto the abdominal thrusts.

Position yourself so the person is directly in front of you and your foot is forward, just barely between their feet.

We’ve all heard of the Heimlich Maneuver, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we know the nuances of performing it on someone or that it’s not the only thing you should do for someone with a blocked airway. Here’s exactly what you should do when someone is choking according to an actual first-aid instructor, Dean Rideout. Mild means that the airways are not fully restricted and the person can still cough. Hopefully, their body will be able to cough out whatever is caught in their throat–it’s the natural reaction. You can’t touch someone and administer first-aid without their consent.

Any patting on the back at this point could actually make it worse. Severe choking is when the airway is fully restricted and the person can’t cough or breathe. Since they’re choking and probably can’t speak, look for body language–like nodding and making choking motions–that indicates they want your help.

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The best way to avoid this is to make sure that small objects like these are kept out of your child’s reach.Children, particularly those aged from one to five, often put objects in their mouth.This is a normal part of how they explore the world.If their choking is severe, it might look like they’re crying but there won’t be any sound coming out. Take the hand that isn’t cradling them and grab onto their jaw without blocking the mouth, then flip the baby face down onto one of your legs. They will also start changing colour quickly from lack of oxygen. In this position, give them five forceful back-blows between the shoulder blades. Then grab the back of the head and flip the baby to your other leg to give them chest thrusts.

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