Dating profile improvement

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Or you might have to scrap your account and begin anew.See: The single-sentence summary of oneself is no longer used by OK Cupid.Everyone has a bad first-date story (or two) to share with friends.

Rarely have we seen a profile that cannot be improved.According to our survey, 36 percent of women and 34 percent of men said they were misled by someone’s self-description.“See online dating as an extension of real life,” advises Christian Rudder, a co-founder of the dating website Ok Cupid and author of "Dataclysm".For all the extensive questionnaires or short essays written and shared, for all the cute beach vacation photos viewed, for every message exchanged bonding over "Game of Thrones," two people who initially "meet" online are essentially going blind when they first get together in person, with all the potential for trouble that spells.In addition to being annoying, going on a lot of no-chemistry dates can be a waste of valuable time and hard-earned money.

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