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The blushing bride-to-be held her left hand up to show off her stunning new round-cut diamond ring, made by Chris Capri of Capri Jewelry Inc.

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Season 2 continues to follow beautiful but shallow model Deb living in the body of brilliant, hard-working and plus-size attorney Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott).

As she attempts to move on from her feelings for Grayson (Jackson Hurst), she also has to contend with her boss, Jay Parker (Josh Stamberg), hooking up with her rival Kim (Kate Levering).

The scene where Reesa told him his guitar playing sounded like a cat in heat and he reacted thats crap, utter crap totally reminded me of a scene from Hard to Hold between Jamie and Owen.

I was also a little surprised that Liam didnt hook up with the Hot, skinny blonde, and showed up at Janes apartment instead.

There was a span of two days when we didn't talk and I was losing my mind." But with Stas having to rush to Wisconsin, the pair didn't have a real official date until a month later when she returned.

Grayson fights to save a graffiti-strewn low income apartment building from a greedy developer by claiming it's a work of art.

Ive been watching Drop Dead Diva since the very beginning.

And the first thing I noticed was his characters name Liam just like his son, I wonder if that was weird for him.

I did think the storyline was pretty good a Beatlesque type story, with the Yoko like character, only with a twist. I thought the best scene was the one that took place in the hospital room, which oddly enough, is also what I thought the best acting was during his return to GH (the liver transplant).

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