Initially intimidating

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This leads directly to the entrance, a small gated phreatic tube at the foot of a small outcrop. Access is controlled by the Pwll Du Cave Management Group and should be applied for in writing to Sue Mabbett, 2 Garth Close, Morganstown, Cardiff CF15 8LF, on club letterheaded paper.

Visitors in unfamiliar territory or new extensions should be alert to this fact and exercise an appropriate level of care. It is a criminal offence to interfere with bats (note that this would include photographing them without a license, or remaining in a roosting area long enough to change the temperature significantly), so please avoid them wherever possible.Please do use the log book and sign-in; remember, your life or that of a friend could depend on it!Note that the use and digging of other entrances is prohibited by the landowner and the cave management group.From here, continue down the road towards the Pwll Du Adventure Centre, a white building on the right side of the road.A stream starts at the adventure centre, running downhill to its left, cutting through a coal tip.

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