Issues arise concerned with consilidating departments

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Members of the evaluation team should be adequate and appropriate to the scope and nature of the RFP. Evaluation of technical offers shall be determined by an evaluation team selected by the president or designee. Late bids will not be considered in contract award.

A vendor’s general or standing request for notice for all RFQs/RFPs or all RFQs/RFPs of a given type shall not suffice as a request for a specific RFQ/RFP and shall create no obligation on the institution. If the estimated amount of the purchase (or revenue) is at least ,000 but less than ,000, written, telephone or electronic bids must be solicited from at least three (3) qualified vendors (with the exception of Section I. The vendor making such a request must submit suitable identification. Alternate bids will not be considered unless specifically called for in the bid. All proposers should know and shall be deemed responsible for knowing the facts documented in the institution’s procurement files on the day the institution opens the bid files for public inspection. Centralization and Authority Delegation for Procurement E. Purchasing Objective: Greatest Value for Funds Expended G. Receiving and Interviewing Sales Representatives I. Achieving and Maintaining a Successful Procurement Operation C. Coordination of Procurement Functions among System Institutions and Schools E. Council of Buyers GENERAL PROCUREMENT REQUIREMENTS A. Purchase order will be issued to the firm name appearing on the bid. Right to Protest (a) Any actual proposer who claims to be aggrieved in connection with a specific solicitation process may submit a protest in writing to the Chief Procurement Officer within seven (7) calendar days after he or she knows or should have known the facts giving rise to the protest. Examples of types of bids which would need to allow at least six (6) weeks include, but are not limited to, banking and other financial services, bookstore and food services, custom software and or IT system services, advertising management services and any other bid for which the additional time is appropriate. When telephone bids are solicited, a written record of the bidders and amounts bid shall be maintained. Bid Withdrawal, Bid Revision, and Bid Rejection Before bid opening, a vendor may be permitted to withdraw a bid entirely and/or submit a substitute bid. For RFPs and applicable RFQs, (for example, those RFQs having requirements in addition to or other than the purchase of goods), a minimum of four (4) to six (6) weeks should be allowed for vendors to adequately prepare a competitive proposal based on the method of RFP or RFQ delivery, bid specifications and pre-bidders questions/responses.

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