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A) Soundex B) Metaphone C) Edit Distance D) Keyword Hashing Solution: (D) Except Keyword Hashing all other are the techniques used in flexible string matching 16) True or False: Word2Vec model is a machine learning model used to create vector notations of text objects.The document contains a total of T terms and the term “data” appears K times.You will NEVER be asked to pay anything; we want to bring people together, not steal your hard earned money.A) t6 – 2/5 B) t3 – 3/6 C) t4 – 2/6 D) t1 – 2/6 Solution: (B) t3 is used max times in entire corpus = 3, tf for t3 is 3/6 15) Which of the following technique is not a part of flexible text matching?A) Naive Bayes B) SVM C) None of the above Solution: (C) Since, you are given only the data of tweets and no other information, which means there is no target variable present.

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