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This is not because of comfort levels, but typically because the casas are run by local families and located in residential neigbourhoods, so they provide a great opportunity for travellers to interact with everyday Cubans. Guesthouse rooms are generally quite basic but reasonably comfortable and very clean, and the families in Cuba will try to make you feel at home as much as possible.They are usually not as roomy as typical hotel rooms, however the casas are consistently rated by travellers, as more enjoyable than staying in hotels and about the same comfort level as perhaps a 3 star Cuban hotel.We were so impressed with their friendliness and attentiveness that we wanted them to adopt us.

If it is a family run guesthouse, the guests are generally served meals separately to the family.

I would recommend that the tour only stay in hotels if guesthouses were not available.

With the exception of the hotel in Camaguey we were happy with our accommodation.

Tour participants are distributed to different casas situated within a short walking distance of the Base House.

Family members from those houses collect tour participants from the Base House.

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