Updating a bios in windows

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From adding a Start menu to disabling the bulky ribbon, noisy live tiles, and unnecessary lock..., the Start Screen titles are here to stay.

Firstly, you need to enable hidden folders in the view menu, then head to Users/User/App Data/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Application Shortcuts.

In some cases, opening your computer's housing will void your warranty, and you run a significant risk of permanently damaging your computer while doing so.

If you can't access your BIOS, your best course of action is to take the computer into a tech department instead of doing it yourself.

A word of caution before undertaking the fix – make sure after each removal, that you deleted the correct dead shortcut and not a valid shortcut to an app that works.

Obviously, if you did accidentally delete a working shortcut, head straight to the Recycle Bin to restore it. Just delete the Mail, Calendar, and People apps, then head back to the Microsoft Store and reinstall them.

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