Updating bathroom walls

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Replace an exhaust fan: If your existing fan is broken, or you’re looking to upgrade to a modern, quieter, more efficient model, it’s often as easy as turning off the electrical, removing the product, choosing a product of the same size, and installing it to the existing vent pipe.

Update lighting: If you’re updating existing fixtures, this is an easy DIY project.

Beadboard: Change the look of a bathroom with the addition of beadboard installed around the lower half of the wall.

Use wall adhesive, and give it a finishing look with trim.

Like, the instant the child emerges from you, they are gone. Nowadays, it’s home to bath toys and Toy Story-branded toothpaste, but we still like to freshen it up when we have company coming, and this week we made the snazziest of updates. ) Let’s talk about how to make a bathroom feel like a retreat for guests! Use soothing colors We went with a soft greige on the wall and a silvery-blue shower curtain to keep things calm and restful for our visitors, especially handy now that visiting guests are typically fielding requests from three-year-olds to play Hi Ho Cherry O, or getting walked-in-on by curious little ones who don’t know the concept of bathroom privacy. You go to a friend’s house and use their restroom, but notice too late that there are about 3.5 squares of toilet paper left on the roll. I like to keep extra toilet paper visible, so no one has to wonder if they should cut things off prematurely for lack of extra necessities. And along those lines, I like to keep the fluffiest of toilet paper in my guest bathrooms. But you use them every single day, and who can argue that a fluffy towel the size of a bed sheet isn’t a fantastic way to start your day? I think they’re just easier to keep clean and you don’t have to worry about matching the towels to the bathroom.5. Or, in our case, you can be singing the Rubber Ducky song to your very own rubber ducky .

Relocating or replacing the plumbing isn’t necessarily easy for the everyday DIYer, especially when access to the pipes is limited . This is something an advanced DIYer may want to tackle, but if you’re on the fence, bring in a pro (especially if it involves new electrical).Swap a toilet: Know how to turn off the water to the toilet, and be sure the tank is emptied before removal.You will need a new wax ring to seal the plumbing, and some muscle to lift and position the porcelain throne.It’s like your tiny bathtub becomes Narnia: you open the shower curtain and it feels like a whole new world in there, with supernatural amounts of space! I like the concept better than a smartphone speaker dock, because in bathrooms like mine, there’s just not enough counter space for an extra gadget, and this way we don’t have to worry about getting the speaker wet and electrocuting ourselves. This is another way I like to take a cue from fancy hotels.

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