Updating rockstar social club

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Fulfill their dreams in the diverse city of San Myshuno, where they can discover exciting neighborhoods, move into a new apartment, check out fun festivals and more.

In The Sims™ 4 City Living your Sims can experience the joys and challenges of sharing close quarters with other Sims.

Once a Sim tips the street performer, they will unlock the street performer outfits and face paint in Create-a-Sim.

Sims who wear the entire outfit will be able to head out into the street and “Busk for Tips” to bring in some extra simoleons. In addition to the Vegetarian-safe dishes mentioned above, there are also 27 new “City Food Stall” recipes available for Sims to learn.

An hour before Sims are required to leave home to go to work, an alarm notification will appear on the lower left hand side of the screen.

Additionally, the new “S-Pop”, ” World” and “Talk Radio” stations have been added to the radio.Perfect for swank rooftop parties overlooking the most creative district in all of San Myshuno.Take a relaxing walk through the museums garden to gather inspiration.Climb the spire to enjoy life’s greatest creations, from the top artists around the city.All locally curated, and put on display for your enjoyment.

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