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In the case of kasu.org, my regular web browsers didn't work. Just this week, the whole site switched urls, appearance, etc. Firefox IS able to play this, but none of the lighter weight browsers seems able to.Installing Firefox, at least allowed right-clicking, inspecting the source under network settings, and I could find a working url with multiple working ports (eg. So the trick of using Firefox's builtin toolset worked here. Also, it appears to be using an "embedded player, preventing me from using something like xmms, or simply doing a wget or curl to capture the stream.We conclude this week's newsletter with a donation to the PCLinux OS distribution and a summary of statistics related to reader-submitted reviews we have received, torrents we have uploaded and announcements published to our front page.We will be on holiday next week, but Distro Watch Weekly will return on the 1st of January 2018.The url port thing worked fine for "real" computers.

Past articles and reviews can be found through our Article Search page.But now I find a number of stations where even that does't work. Search engine results show this is becoming a common problem.Presumably stations a concentrating on producing "apps" for smartphones as playback devices.Since it serves that purpose only I keep a music related theme to it and have posted screenshots of it in the Free BSD forums.7 • Media Player Stream (internet radio) @5 (by Jan on 2017-12-18 GMT from Netherlands) Possibly the following forum message has information: At present my usual radio streams work again through radio Sure (a lot of them seemed silent a few days ago).

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