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Rekha was given tuition to perfect her Hindi diction, and her dancing. Sajid obviously couldn't tag along, nor was Rekha a big enough star to demand that the unit take her boy-friend along, as well. Navin Nischol Poona and Sawan Bhadon brought Rekha face to face with the handsome, sleek and suave Navin (he'd just that year finished at the Poona Film Institute). Two things, however, apparently deterred Navin from Rekha. And secondly, this brash girl was apparently more crude and earthy than the suave connoisseur's tastes would permit. Rekha, always a frank and forthright, made it clear that she liked him a lot.

It was during this period that Sajid Khan had just returned from the States after making a big name for himself there. It was the blast-off for her first serious friendship, I remember Rekha's words clearly when she set eyes on him, because I was around then and saw what occurred."Oh my God! But Navin coolly resisted all invitations in Poona, at least.

Biswajit Rekha now signed up with her new friend, philosopher and guide (no, not Mohan Seghal) Kuljit Paul, who had taken charge of her affairs (read business) and consequently management of her finances too.

They had never encountered anyone, new or old, who was as frank and fearless as this brash, young girl-woman. "She scrambled out of the van in which she had driven into the studio compound and ran straight up to Sajid Khan. There followed a rapid succession of midnight rendezvous; midnight-to-hell drives; and nine o'clock pairs to parties.It was in the winter of '68 that Mohan Segal signed Rekha for her first Hindi movie opposite Navin Nischol: The name Sawan Bhadon. Yet Rekha was never at a loss for the quick retort. Her answers to all questions were bold and spoken out.His first wife was a childhood friend, and he later married a television producer from whom he separated in 2011.7.Vidhu Vinod Chopra Film producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra first married film editor Renu Saluja, and later tied the knot with Shabnam Sukhdev, daughter of a short filmmaker.

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