Who is james brolin dating dating a man who is going through a separation

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There, at the altar of Greenwood United Church in Nova Scotia, stood 46-year-old actor James (Hotel) Brolin.

At his side, wearing an ivory gown, stood his intended—37-year-old actress Jan (WKRP) Smithers.

No matter what you’ve heard—that she’s been obstructing the divorce—Jane claims she’s not the heavy.“Everyone hates me for standing in the way,” she says. Somehow things got turned around to make me the bad person and not Jan. I feel like I’ve been thrown away.” When they were married back in 1966, the positions were reversed.She’s the other woman.” Even though Brolin refuses to comment, in the public relations war of divorce Hollywood-style, he has the edge on Jane. Brolin was a virtual unknown, and Jane an assistant casting director. He stayed with the series for seven years and, materially at least, he and Jane had the good life.Kathryn Boyd worked as Josh’s assistant since 2011 and they began dating in March 2013 just a month after his marriage to Diane Lane broke up.What are the odds that the volatile Josh Brolin wasn’t already fooling around with his assistant prior to his split with Diane Lane?

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