Who is singer brandy norwood dating

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At 18, Brandy was heartbroken and crushed…leading to her writing second hit album, , with Rodney Jerkins. Brandy commented that she gave her the opportunity to be the first African American princess and she was so cool and down to earth. B revealed she still has all 6 Barbie dolls created in her image based off the tv movie.

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Brandy's management was unhappy about how a relationship with a much older man would affect her squeaky clean image.

She was soon on top of the game with music, awards & concerts.

On her controversial relationship with Wanya Morris Wanya called her when she was just 15 (he was 21) saying he wanted her to accompany Boyz II Men on their tour.

The eye opening story of Brandy Norwood's musical life--which is completely intertwined with her personal life and experiences--aired last night on VH1's "Behind The Music." Brandy revealed how her controversial relationship with a much older Wanya Morris led to her depression, how the team around her pushed for the squeaky clean girl next door image--which led to her complete unhappiness, her pregnancy and fake marriage which was the demise of her career, and finding love (in boyfriend Ryan & herself) again which has led to a fabulous comeback.

Here's our complete recap: On Brandy's religious upbringing Brandy was discovered on the stage of her father's church.

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