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He hosted his own radio program titled MBC FM's Jung Joon-young's Simsimtapa (2014) and made his big screen debut in Love Forecast (2015).Since 2015, Jung is the lead vocalist of rock band Drug Restaurant, previously known as JJY Band, Since his official debut with the release of 1st Mini Album in October 2013, Jung has won the "New Male Solo Artist" award for its title track "이별 10분전 (The Sense of an Ending)" at the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. [Behind The Show 140928] – Rap Monster, “There’s this shoes that has a star on it, it’s a famous brand. Rap Mon study in Enginerring Department before debut. I did my best because I wanted to get better at it. Rap Monster has been started to write lyrics when he was in school on his textbook. He choose J-Hope for dating if he was a girl, because J-Hope is like the mother in the dorm. Rap Monster ideal type is someone with good voice, tall, has pale skin, feminine Girl, looks good in a white T-Shirt, jeans and a pretty girl who wears a high top sneakers and has her ankle line showing (Red Converse). It probably because he is the leader and the first member in the dorm. So while promoting as Bangtan, he sending his past self a message. Rapmon like to go to the cafe looking for inspiration and like web browsing. He usually rolling back shoulders, warming up his throat before No More Dreams. Also, onstage he has a really cool aura but when we are in the dorm, he’s a little bit timid and he also worries a lot, a bit fox-like. Rap Monster favourite song when karaoke is Supreme Team ‘Ddaeng Daeng Daeng’ but he always failed to sing it. Rap Mon that popular for being good in study does regret when he can’t study with his friend’s (Kiss The Radio)(Yes) 61. “Rap is not like singing, you don’t progress doing some kind of professional education; you’ve to express yourself.

”“In 2011 I made a song by myself and at the very end of the song, there was a part when I had to yell out ‘Rap Monster’. He had a possible path because he was good at studying. Q) If you had a compare Rap Monster to non human, what would they be? I think the leader Rap Monster-hyung looks like a fox. All members of BTS got disappointed bcoz Rap Mon won playing scissor-paper-stone for taking group picture on Twitter because they must lifted Rap Mon who has heaviest weight than the others. Rap Mon said that he and GOT7 Jackson are good friends, and said Jackson is very handsome and really good at dancing.He first gained recognition in Mnet's reality television talent show, Superstar K4 (2012), where he finished third place.In 2013, he became the youngest member of KBS's variety show 2 Days & 1 Night Season 3. In 2008, Rap Mon was briefly a part of a different crew (not Dae Nam Hyup but with Zico ‘Block B’). Rap Monster proved his 1% ranking with his study methods. After a Month, when i asked him again, he said he couldn’t find it and he will buy me one. However, two months later i found out Rap Mon was using my earphones that i lent him before.” “I’m notorious for having a negative influence on everything and destroying everything in our house. Aperson who has to be good at talking, Giving him active lips. ”V was getting private Japanese Language lessons with Rap Monster.

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